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When I introduced this project to my friends, they often asked if we'll make women's t-shirts as well. Wow, I was quite surprised how many of them have been EUropanized. The answer that followed was always quite succint: "Definitely NOT!" We are aware of the financial loss we're taking by this, but there is no other way. MARS&ARMS® is a gender incorrect project and will stay as such even if we have to starve. What in the God's name do women have to do with weapons? At most it's that we fight for the access rights to their hairy crotches; the fact that they can now serve in the military is an invalid argument. It was the plagued hivemind of the bureaucratic apparatus that put them there. They must have thought that just because a woman can bleed for seven days and not die, she must be the most resilient soldier.
No. It is our world that has no place for women and children.



Men to themselves!


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