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Today marks the 26th anniversary of the end of the Bolshevik rule; of the end of one of the major oppressions. I was but a boy when it all happened, but the mood everywhere was incredibly stressed, so I really knew shit was going down. Thanks to all this I could live as a free citizen in a free country. Today I'm getting a really unpleasant feeling, feeling that gives me the creeps. Feeling that the Hydra lives again, but instead of one head, 28 take its place. Actually it's more than a feeling; it's a fact. Except now the Hydra won't be satisfied with "only" taking our freedoms; it is coming to take it all. The candles lit after the Paris massacre have not yet flamed out, the sheeple have not yet finished their prayers and the European Committee has brought forward another motion to ban all "military-looking" semi-automatic rifles. Seems the good times are fucking over. So far only the Poles seem to have their guard up. It would be a good idea to support their initiative,  A lot of people have a cunning plan how to avoid handing in their guns - they claim someone had "stolen" them or they had "lost" them. Well, that's gonna be good right up to the first waterboarding... Remember, the only strength the Hydra has is your ignorance.



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