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We all know it. When a woman has her "Shark Week," it's terrible. What you may not know is what it's like when a man feel like that, too. It's a hundred times worse and on top of that, it takes a couple years. "How exactly do you start feeling shit like that," you ask? Simple enough; I've been hit by the dreaded midlife crisis.

It's a pretty tedious condition, well researched and documented. Even the Labour Ministry has publications on it, which just goes to show how fucked up this day and age really is. As a result of all that, we get idiotic projects like centers for sexually abused men or requirements for changing tables in the men's room where they could slap fresh diapers on their crapped spawn. It's just a high-risk period in which you can easily find yourself trapped. Put simply, you have everything and nothing at the same time; you try to do stuff you've never done before to fill that void, but to no avail. That "nothing" stands for the absence of long-term goals, which are the proverbial steak on a stick, driving you forward in the hope for that glorious first juicy bite. Things, however, are not that easy. Getting that bite takes a lot of time and effort. I had to bang my head against the wall pretty hard for the lightbulb to go off and tell me I was headed towards certain doom. That leaves me at a stage where I'm looking for goals with which I'd start a new era. Of all my goals I have one - the fight for civil rights via MARS&ARMS®.

It just occured to me that I'm writing this as if it was a one-man show, which it isn't. Captain Lou has taken some time off and spent it helping start two similar projects. For a while it seemed he might get back to creating his fantastic paintings. I gave him absolute support in that, because the image of all the prevues filled with whores, booze and banquets was interesting to say the least. It was a lost cause, though. He loves living in the wild too much for that. Dáda, our PR guy, decided to exchange his shit life for shoveling shit and started working for TOI-TOI in Germany, so it seems our paths drifted apart for good.

All that said, the Captain and I have found our muse again and we're chuck full of ideas. The Cap has already started working on them, so you have quite something you can look forward to.




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