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Beard like a lumberjack despite not having held an axe in his life. Four eyes that see everything different. Reproduces and spreads faster than gonorrhoea despite being asexual. Can do more damage than Osama, yet he doesn't need to hide. Has no real power, yet he changes the world. The little Hipster that could.
When I was growing up I also felt the need to change the order of the world. I was chuck full of strength and resolve, for I knew everything best and I also was a part of a strange subculture. Then I was enlisted and painfully forced to realize I'm the last shit on the officer's boot. It hurt as all hell and my strength was dwindling. Eventually I accepted the order and, after finishing my green time, left the army in the highest Petty Officer rank. It was far from being wasted time; what it did was give me plenty of life experience. For example that one does not acheive success by adopting a pose and spewing stupid crap.




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