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ÚTERý 29. KVěTEN 2012 | RSS Feed
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Gallons of coffee, a ton of tobbacco smoked and a severely overworked brain. That could pretty well sum up our meetings at Captain Lou's table. For years it has been the place where we brainstormed over our clients' requests for high quality t-shirt prints. Had it not been for the fact that we always had a great chat, it would often be a time wasted. More often than not we became trapped in the client's idiotic "impression-o-logy". It was like casting pearls before swine, and so there was very little choice but have Lou do mindnumbingly boring graphic correctures all over and over again. But what sort of work is that to drown a creative person in? So one day, Lou's patience had finally worn thin and as the officer he is he commanded: "I've had fucking enough. Let's go make something properly meaningful; how about military t-shirts?" I was initially reluctant, because I'm quite soft and have always given more t-shirts away than I've sold. But a job is a job, and it won't do itself. We had no choice but to kick our brains into overdrive and study the crap out of some economy textbooks.
Well, now you can see the results. It's nice and all that, but most importantly: Yesterday for free, today for cash.





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